St. John's Motto

St. John's Anglican

Our Motto is Clarity, Constancy, and Joy in a Shifting World

The Anglican Church in North America is clear about its beliefs, doctrine, and practices. 

Our focus is to be reliable and consistent in our faith.

"By basing our teachings on the Bible, we are freed from the temptation to dress God's will in culture of the moment. The spirit of every age is a siren call that is hard to resist and the temptation to say that every new thing is acceptable to God is very great indeed."  
– Father Ed McNeill, St. James Anglican Church, San Jose, CA

There is a joy in being part of a community of the faithful, of discovering one's faith and embracing Anglican beliefs and teachings, of discovering Christ in one's life. We experience the opportunity to grow in one's faith and learn how to practice it on a daily basis.

A Shifting World
Those of us who experience the Anglican faith find it to be a reliable anchor in the midst of turmoil due to world-wide persecution of Christians, and where core beliefs and commonly accepted values are no longer taken for granted, often not taught or revered. We stand firm in our faith.

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