Way of the Cross

Way of the Cross

Way of the Cross

Dorothy Gager, a member of St. John's Anglican Church, is a sculptor and she created the Stations of the Cross. The Stations were designed and sculpted by Dorothy over a four year period. Each bronze relief measures 12 x 15”, except Station XII which is 30 x 36” and is mounted over an outdoor altar.

The Stations were installed around the perimeter of the Chapel of the Holy Innocents in Fresno, California. Bishop John-David Schofield, San Joaquin Anglican Diocese, offered prayers at the dedication of "The Way of the Cross Sculpture Garden--Easter 2004". Bishop Schofield also added comments and prayers in the video.

Way of the Cross Book
Dorothy Gager's book features prayers and photos of the Fourteen Stations of the Cross. Preview The Way Of The Cross.

Way of the Cross Prayers
To print the prayers in The Way of the Cross, click here.

Way of the Cross Video

  The Way of the Cross VideoKyrie eleison, kyrie, eleison (Christ have mercy) sang my CD choir as I caressed the broken body of our Lord with baby oil to finish Station 12, "Christ Dies on the Cross". The chant broke into my concentration and I realized, once again, that this was a holy project. Throughout the four years of work on these fourteen stations, there were many times when I was made to bow and recognize that I was privileged to be the vehicle to say one more time, that the Death of our Lord is truth and life. I hope you find it so as you walk this path on our site.

You will find children throughout the work.  This is because of the location of the installation.  The garden path runs the circumference of  The Chapel of the Holy Innocents at St. James Anglican Cathedral in Fresno, CA.  Once again, I realized the Holy Spirit was guiding me when I recognized the way the children illustrated how Jesus taught us to live.  For example, the one of the three children in station V is carrying a little boat.  To me, this means that when we are asked to carry our cross, like Simon of Cyrene, it conjures up a storm.  Who calmed the storm?  Jesus.  And He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

There are 17 journals which chronicle the creative and holy journey I was privileged to take as I sculpted this project.  I thank God for the beauty of worship is has provided for me and many other people. ...  I pray that you also will walk in peace, and in the knowledge of freedom which Jesus provided by His obedient death.

Dorothy Gager,