Children's ministry at St. John's Anglican Church

At St. John’s we love children. Families with Children make up nearly half of our congregation. What sets us apart from other churches is that we are committed to including our children in the worshipping life of the church. Our services include a brief children's sermon, a lot of interactive liturgy, and special activities for the kids.

Our Sunday School Room is available for little ones and kids who just need to get their wiggles out. There, our 1 to 4-year-olds do playtime, worship, and learning activities that are fitting for their age level.

our children's ministry Philosophy

In many churches, Children are separated from their parents from early childhood through college and even beyond. And it is all too common that many church-raised young adults never find a spiritual home in the adult portion of their home congregations.

Children's Sermon at St. John's Anglican Church

At Saint John’s, our goal is to worship God as a family of families and individuals. Thus we hold to the ancient spiritual discipline of children and adults worshipping together. All children are welcome in our service, and we truly mean it when we say that we don’t mind a few noisy distractions. When the time for our readings and sermon start, our littlest ones head off to Children's worship and then return for communion and our closing hymn.

We work to make our worship service pleasant and engaging for kids. Our liturgy is interactive by design and, our sermon begins with a short, interactive children’s message. We also provide coloring pages or other play materials relevant to the Scripture readings for the day and simple instruments for kids to join in worship. So our kids are spiritually and mentally engaged throughout.