Join us Every Sunday @ 10am

Our service starts at 10 am and usually ends by 11:00 am. Come a little early for a few minutes of quiet reflection in the chapel before service. Stay after for coffee, refreshments, and conversation in the foyer. We usually celebrate Eucharist (communion) every third Sunday of the month, so the service may end a little bit after that.


We worship in the beautiful Santa Maria Chapel at 50 Santa Maria Way, Orinda, CA 94563. Google Maps and other apps don’t have the location quite right (it’s about 200 feet further up the hill to the left). Look for our signs. Detailed Map >>

Parking is Free

STyle of worship

Traditional Anglican worship is not passive. At St. John’s you will find yourself participating a lot in the liturgy. Our goal is not to be formal and legalistic, but to be engaging and transformative. As the body of Christ, we all take part in making worship happen, and we seek to proclaim the gospel and glorify God through word, song, symbol, art, and posture. 

Here’s what to expect at a St. John’s Sunday service:

  • Beautiful chapel surrounded by a grove of trees

  • Warm welcome from a St. John’s community member or two

  • Service begins with a praise hymn

  • We launch into the liturgy of the word, which includes interactive prayers, Scripture reading, and a sermon or a discussion of the Scripture readings

  • Many Sundays, we continue with the Liturgy of Morning Prayer, following ancient traditions of the Church and including the personal prayers and thanksgivings of any who wish to share them

  • On the Third Sunday of each month, we celebrate the “Great Thanksgiving” by passing the peace and following the traditional Anglican liturgy for communion, which includes gospel proclamation, prayer, and partaking of bread and wine

  • Then our worship ends with a final praise hymn

  • Followed by fellowship time with coffee, tea, and snacks

Our bulletins make it easy to follow along. And don’t worry about messing up

The whole point of liturgy is that prayer and worship of God is something we do as a community and when it is full of grace and the Spirit, it becomes transformational.